Russia vs Ukraine

During those short months the peaceful protest in Ukraine turned into the Great War for power, political influence and battle for Kryme. Russia Ukraine war concerns all of us, because this is an occupation and invasion just like in 20th century. Will this be a cold war, or will it involve the whole world. Once again we will be divided in fronts. Who will turn to Ukrainians, and who will turn to Russian side? As the victims of this invasion are growing, so is the attention from the world. Some countries are quietly watching this conflict, while others are preparing to intervene.

If Russia Ukraine war would turn to the great world war, what will have to sacrifice? This might be the great sacrifice of our personal lives, loves and loses. This would be terrifying and tragic dramas, after the safe and dull existence. No one would care that your lover never asked you to share the life with him. No one would care what your university degree is. You would turn to a robot of the Great War.   Of course these are just prediction of the possible loses. Even if we already lost our innocence, we can no longer go back to the way it was before.

There is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for, you may say.  But what if we can live peacefully without a war? Even if the powerful ring is created in the mount doom, we have to preparer the peaceful solution of the possible conflict. Is Russia Ukraine war the great force of huge politic conflict? Do we have a solution to end this, or will the outsiders watch how the earth is burning to ashes. Maybe for us, the mad ones who burns like roman candles across the sky, shouldn’t be the favorites.

What sort of electronic generation we are?

As they were smoking their e-cigarettes, I couldn’t help but wonder, what sort of electronic generation we are. Every day a see the same people wondering around with their heads stuck to their smartphones or tablets. But they all simile and lough, but not together. This is an electronic separation between the passengers of life. It is a sad day for real communication, because all we care now is a Wi-Fi, charged IPhones and a smoke of e-cigarette. Maybe the future is even more depressing, when we no longer need each other embrace, because those smart operating systems will bring us love, joy, anger and comfort.

As I was smoking e-cigarettes every morning, while may train to Manhattan was late, I couldin’t help but wonder: will I ever have a chance to transfer my thought directly to you, as you are transferring yours. Wait, maybe it’s the other way around, because you can hear even my silent thoughts and desires, while I am stuck in this traffic jam. Maybe I can count on you Heath, your voice is like pleasant sound of sunset. I only feel you through the waves and electronic particles, which are lost in the pattern.

Maybe we are all lost in this e-smoking of e- cigarettes. The world is changed and the shadow of doubts are falling on us. It’s sometimes so easy to chare e-thoughts, but so difficult to be heard an understood deeply. All I ever wanted from my life, was e-words, but they all got lost in the e-smokes and codes. But why is it so simple to write? Why is it so simple to smoke without any regret? I only share these e-thought with you and soon they will get lost. Soon I will get lost in the cloud of e-smokes. But before finishing this cigarette I will try to reach you.